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In collaboration with
Dr. Xiaoming Chang
of the American Museum of Natural History and Dr. Dick Tedford of the University of Nebraska. Mark is illustrating a National Geographic article featuring the behavior of the earliest known dogs that roamed North America 20 million years ago.

Ice Age Mammoth

Mark will be illustrating a series of books about
Ice Age Mammals for the book packager/publisher Madison Press in the Fall of 200s. The books will include the titles Mammoths, Sabertooth Cats, and Cave Bears.

Paleoart Update

National Geographic Society
An artist-paleontologist partnership with Dr. Kristi Curry-Rogers of the Science Museum of Minnesota is unveiling the appearance of the titanosaurids, a fascinating but poorly-known armored family of the long-necked sauropod dinosaurs.

Mark and Kristi collaborated to produce the first ever depiction of Rapetosaurus for the August 2000 issue of National Geographic for the article, "Monsters of Madagascar", and will continue to work on how these mysterious giants lived and appeared in life.

National Geographic Society © 2000


Mark Hallett • Dallas, OR
Phone 503-831-1164

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